5 Tips to Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Engagement

Hunting in the social media marketing “jungle”, implies that you have an idea of what social media engagement is. Moreover, topping the relevant metric should be your major concern. But, posting with a willy-nilly attitude will not produce the fruits you need. Find some useful global social media statistics & trends and keep in mind these 5 social engagement tips before you hit “PUBLISH”.

What if we tell you that it was possible to get more social media engagement than you got over the last 12 months? But, before we get into that, what is social media engagement? It’s a dialogue between you and others in social media on any social network. So, if you are just posting a lot of content without any conversations, you aren’t doing much for engagement.

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The following are five sure ways for you to improve your social media engagement.

1.     Ask questions

Posting content in social media is just but the first step to building engagement. But, doing that alone will note get you much engagement. Invite people to join in the conversation by asking well-formed questions. People love to share their thoughts and opinions on just about everything. Here’s another tip, you can also gain some vital information about your audience simply by listening to their answers and reading their comments.

2.     Share motivational quotes

Give people a daily dose of inspiration by sharing inspiration quotes. These are popular on social media because everyone loves to feel good and motivated. Inspirational quotes are some of the most shared content online. Keep a file of quotes that make sense for your target audience and be unique. For example, create image quotes that get people thinking and make them relatable to their aspirations in life. Quote images are super easy to create and they are a really effective way for you to increase your engagement in social media. And, here is another idea, post motivational quotes and ask your followers a question about how they have applied the quote in their lives.

3.     Create value driven blog posts

When you create original blog content that’s really valuable to your target audience, share it on social media. Value driven content is that your audience actually wants to read or content that solves a problem for your audience. Content and social media marketing are complimentary. With so much content being created and shared on a daily basis on the Internet, you want to be unique. Make your content stand out. And, if you are still in doubt about the power of blogs, this might help. Marketers who have blog are more likely to good return on investment. Once you create your blog content, post it all over on your social media platforms. Depending on your social media network, you want to go ahead and change the teaser text. You want to entice people to click on the link without being deceptive to read the post. Don’t just throw a bunch of links out there.

4.     Create amazing images

Eye candy is the way to go. Visual content now rules the Internet. According to eMarketer, there is a reason why images are cluttering your Facebook Timeline. Facebook images account for over 80 percent off all the content shared on the Internet, that’s huge! Your images should tell a story. Wow your audience and give them a reason to pause with your images.

5.     Use Facebook to improve engagement on all other platforms

Here’s how. Use the search bar at the upper right-hand corner of a Facebook group to search for three to five words or key phrases that pertain to your industry or area of interest. You do this instead of searching the News Feed. Then, those particular posts are going to pop-up on the News Feed and you can participate in the conversation without wasting tons of time sorting through information. Then, you can keep track of what content people are interested in and what questions they have. Next, create content on your own social media profiles that people like these would like to consume and the chances are your audience will love as well. So, in addition to establishing yourself as an expert, thanks to Facebook Groups, you are also tapping into this fountain of hot topics that are going to create more engagement on your own social media profiles.


There you have it! It’s time to start improving your social engagement. I have given you five ways to improve your engagement in social media, that you can use across all your social networks. Remember it’s not about you, it’s all about the people you are trying to reach in social media.

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