Online Holiday Deals Trends 2013

A breakdown of the online traffic volume and time spent across various site categories from different cultural groups for holiday shopping deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Data refer to 2011 and 2012 but you will also find forecasts for 2013.

Scientific Achievements 2012 Apr03

Scientific Achievements 2012

Meet some of the most influential scientists and their feats of the past year in the areas of genetics, physics, medicine, and more!

World University Rankings 2012 Feb21

World University Rankings 2012

Are you looking for the top cream in higher education? Have a look at the top 10 universities with an average tuition cost idea according to QS university rankings.

2012 MMO Games Market Report

Statistics over transactional data, players demographics, market growth per leading MMO games friendly countries.

American Bankruptcy 2012 Dec17

American Bankruptcy 2012

This report from Low Price Law outlines the situation with bankruptcy status of American families or singles and hightlights the reasons that lead to bankruptcy filing. However, a comparison between 2 annual periods of 2011 and 2012 allows some optimism.

Top Marketing Blogs 2012

Hey you new marketer! Check this out. The freshiest collection of the most inspired and qualified marketing blogs as attributed by “” classified by topics such as: Content Marketing, Social Media, Business etc.

Black Friday 2012 Recap

A quick recap on how online retail markets performed on Black Friday 2012 compared to data from 2011.

Top Tech Gifts for Christmas 2012

What are your plans for Christmas gifts this year? questioned customers about their shopping preferences for tech gadgets this holiday. Guess what! “T” is the magic letter. XLarge stockings needed!

South African Tourism Industry

South Africans shine in tourism growth despite the global hard economic context. SA tourism has rised twice as much as the worlld tourism growth rate for the 1st semester of 2012. It seems that their efforts with 2010 FIFA World Cap didn’t fall flat. See the facts as reported from Fly First.

US Election Issues 2012 Nov05

US Election Issues 2012

Find here the hottest us election issues that were discussed among Americans on social media during the debates according to comment measurement conducted by Livefyre.

Halloween Economics

A breakdown of Americans’ spending on Halloween candy and costumes from 2003 to 2012 with an estimation of $8 Billion total expenditure.

Social Marketing Report 2012

2013 is around the corner and it’s time for the most proefessionals to evaluate the gives and takes of their efforts. On this report you will find the pulse of social marketing landscape as recorded from 469 marketers surveyed by Awareness Inc.

Miguel Cabrera Stats 2012 Oct09

Miguel Cabrera Stats 2012

The golden boy of baseball. Miguel is the first player that got MLB Triple Crown since 1967 putting him in the Baseball royalty. Discover his records and how he made it to the top.

Forbes 400 List 2012 Oct05

Forbes 400 List 2012

The 400 richest Americans by industry segmentation according to Forbes rank. See who list in the top 10 and how they made it.

Small Business Marketing 2012

750 small businesses were surveyed about their use of marketing communication. It seems that they still lag in new technology adoption. Among the numerous new communication channels small business owners choose the traditional route.

Hottest Abs 2012

Absolutely tantalizing. Before start crunching your abs get your cause. Learn the “secrets” of 10 abdominal perfectionists. Rule 1> Stop guzzling Rule 2> Forget photoshop Rule 3> Be cool and positive.

London Fashion Week Highlights

See the top 8 appearences of you favourite fasionistas showing off on the first row of the London Fashion Week show.

Top Medical Marijuana Strains

Misleaded? This is just for medical purposes and not for getting high. Marijuana strains’ are ranked according to grams sold in August 2012. Blue Dream holds the premiership with Sour Diesel scrabbling from a close distance. See the rest “contestants”.

Engineering Job Market 2012

A look at the job outlook and average salaries for engineering students and recent graduates showing that opportunities are out there for everyone to go after beside the hard times of various markets due to the recession.

World Internet Usage 2012 Sep18

World Internet Usage 2012

A breakdown of the global internet usage and access. Still nowadays internet access remains a wound for the developing countries. Nice volume corralations here.