Social Media Promotes Narcissism

Psy scientists point out that there is strong evidence of connection between social media use and narcissism depending mostly on the frequency we present ourselves on the social sphere and actually meaning the level of addiction.

Survive Black Friday

That’s a quirky and humorous, yet black meme for Black Friday, “suggesting” extravagant tips on how to abate shoppers’ rush and discourage violent behavior.

First Date Psychology

Don’t worry about feeling nervous before your first date, that’s really normal. However, if you want to change it, here are some tips.

Control Bad Habits

Habits are difficult to avoid forming. Routine is just human nature at work! Sometimes we develop bad habits that can become detrimental to our health and are tough to kick. This graphic gets down to the inward mechanism of habit to addiction formation and suggests practices that help us curb the process and break the loop.

Are You a Geek Test Sep25

Are You a Geek Test

From the internet to games and cinema, a true geek must have the wisdom to rule them all. Take this test and find out how much of a geek you are.

When a Woman Loves a Man

A boy exclusive infographic reversing the roles of the ever classic phrasing “When a man loves a woman”. Let’s see how a man can decipher a woman’s signals who’s in love with him.

The Power And Growth Of Mobile Marketing

The explosion of the new smart mobile devices has resulted in a fast growing new market ready to be utilized by the online marketers. FInd some useful demographics and habits of the furious generations.

The Digital Lives Of American Moms Dec27

The Digital Lives Of American Moms

A great review from Nielsen about the online habits of Moms in the USA.

Proud Papas

Are you a hard labour Dad? Don’t worry, you are not alone.Modern papas take on chores and split childcare duties. If you aren’t just be cautious!

7 Digital Tactics For Ecommerce Personas

You should reckon with these 7 creatures when setting your ecommerce strategy.

Google And Memory Dec17

Google And Memory

Google is changing the way we think, memorize and remember things. Find out how routine online activities impact our brain.

Young Drivers Tips

A funny quiz for the young drivers to test if their driving behavior meets with established traffic laws and realize if they are noobs drowned in ignorance and recklessness. Go on – you may find out that you need a brush up on some basic rules.

Social Commerce Psychology

Social commerce helps shoppers make smart purchases according to 6 common rules defined by psychology science.

Millennials Generation Nov02

Millennials Generation

Young and techish. Millennials belong to the age scale from 18 to 34 and self-define as the generation that is marked by broad technology use. Discover behavioral patterns of the digital natives.

The State And Trends Of Mobile Internet

Browse and move! These are the global trends of mobile interenet in an app addicted world.

Social Media Misconduct

Are you obsessed with your social activity? Would you recognize the level of social sickness that you may be into? Learn here about the habits that may lead you to social media misconduct.

The Complex Shopper Oct29

The Complex Shopper

Four profiles that clarify the complex shopper and reveal his motivations and interacitons on his way to buying.

Customer Loyalty Oct27

Customer Loyalty

How impotant is customer loylalty and what is the contribution of customer service to this achievement?

Social Media Habits and Privacy Concerns

See private information people are willing to state publicly on social media

Job Interview Humor

Evident tips for things you should avoid on facing the the hiring manager put in a funny way.