Zombie History Illustrated

Zombies have surpassed the barrier of fiction: they are part of our daily lives nowadays. But how did it all start? Enjoy a trip through the history of zombie culture since 30s and 40s.

The Zombie Industry

They are sloppy, slow and a bit scary, but we still like them. We are talking about zombies, of course and the industry around them. Get an idea of the dollars spent on zombie movies, books, games and events. It’s a zombie nation out there!

Social Media Zombies

Zombies live among us but you have to know them in order to tell them. Social media may propel boldness. Column FIve and Confused.com come to save us presenting 2 quirky social personas from eachone of 4 popular social networks. Watch out!

Zombie Attack Survival Kit Oct26

Zombie Attack Surviv...

it might seem fictional but who knows – anything can happen in our world. Get high skilled in fighting the Zombies’ menace by closely following the suggested tips and hints.

Zombie Survival Guide Jun22

Zombie Survival Guid...

What if? Say that Zombies come out. Are you ready for this? You won’t make it without this survival kit. Com’on doodling might be productive sometimes.