Davids vs Goliaths Dec03

Davids vs Goliaths

In a Goliath vs David combat model hypothesis, odds are that the former takes the game according to conventional logic. But what if the underdog would take on? This infographic argues that advantages and disadvantages are determined by perception. Could this lead to the assumption that balance is relevant to how we evaluate power?

Where to Pee Nov22

Where to Pee

A rather wacky infographic in the wake of one more insane World sth. Day. 19th November is the world toilet day! OMG. Next year celebrate the day at any of the following best for pee places around the world.

Futuristic Books

Thank God! In year 802.701 world will still exist. Name it science fiction, prediction, speculation or even reality. This advanced infographic presents a very interesting timeline of books and their authors from the past with a predictive view on various aspects of human life.

Mega Church Business Oct04

Mega Church Business

What do you know about Mega Churches in the US? The fact is that they show staggering growth over the last decade. There’s a growing body blaming them that they run on principles of business development like big enterprises do. What do you think?

Bible Sales Worldwide

Holy Sales! Here is a presentation of sales data regarding the Bible and various surrounding best sellers of the christian media industry.

Lost and Found Diamond Ring Sep24

Lost and Found Diamond Ring

10 lucky women talk about how they lost and finally found our precious diamond rings. From damper to relief!, but found them later. We tell you everything in our latest infographic.

Most Popular Assault Rifles Jul03

Most Popular Assault Rifles

The AK-47 and the AR-15 can even be slightly similar, but they are completely different when it comes to their features. Our infographic will tell you why.

Quirky Last Wish Jun03

Quirky Last Wish

Over the years many strange things have been requested in the last will & testament of a dying person. Find 10 of the most quirky wills that plausibly marked the deceased.

Cell Phone Car Crashes May31

Cell Phone Car Crashes

It is estimated that only 50% of the fatal car crashes with evidence that cell phone distraction was the cause, are officially attributed to cell use. This situation considerably distorts the national fatal crash reports and misleads the public about the real extent of the problem.

12 American Beliefs May27

12 American Beliefs

Guys from Best Psychology Degrees compiled a collection of 12 weird things Americans believe. But we still think that most of them are not exclusively part of the American ideation.

Typography Essentials Apr22

Typography Essentials

Typography and specifically font selection is a critical component in making legible and eye-catchy content. This heavy loaded infographic comes to enlighten us about the basic characteristics of various fonts and help us understand that simplicity is excellence.

Leave your Mark with a Will Mar28

Leave your Mark with a Will

When the “time” is closing family and friends are the first to think. However, before reaching our fate and taking the path to the sky we can generate a positive effect on people aside our relatives. All we need is love and solidarity.

Celebrities Burglaries Mar15

Celebrities Burglaries

According to FBI a home gets robbed in the U.S. every 14 seconds. However burglarized celebrities’ homes are a different story. See the details of the top 5 craziest celebrity home break-ins in one place.

Psychic Frauds Exposed Feb28

Psychic Frauds Exposed

It can be tough to spot out psychic scams, especially while online. This infographic profiles three common types of fraud psychics to help people find the real ones.

London City Facts Feb22

London City Facts

Contrary to what is believed, London is not the most soaked European city. Read on to discover more info-tids about the London cityscape.

Content Copy Protection Feb13

Content Copy Protection

People from PlagTracker venture a trenchant confrontation in an effort to denote the risks of stealing, namely copying, original content by allegorically presenting the life course of a copyist as opposed to a self-determined. Plagiarism and duplication hurts in the long run! So, lets see how your life may change after copying someone.

Assault Weapons US Stats Jan30

Assault Weapons US Stats

Some facts on the popular assault weapons in America and how guns have evolved since the time of the Second Amendment. In the late 18th century, a musket was expected to be able to fire 4 rounds a minute versus the 45 rounds a minute today for an AR-15 rifle. Modern guns are extremely powerful and yet highly accessible.

Diamond Heists Jan24

Diamond Heists

On this nifty infographic you will find information about 8 of the latest and greatest diamond heists. The much desired gemstones have driven thieves to do crazy things to get them. See the skills and methods that made up these crime scenes.

China is Changing Dec13

China is Changing

Interactive infographic that represents various advancements happened in China since 2002 and the ongoing changing in business world , lifestlyle and culture. The new China will soon inaugurate Xi Jinping as its governor for the next decade.

All About Poop Nov26

All About Poop

Somehow disgusting but even poop have their own story. Learn about their composition and look as well as some weird historical facts. After all don’t you want to know more about your output?