Content Marketing Over Time

Since the infancy of marketing both as a process and art, brands have been seeking for effective ways to communicate with their audience, attract prospects, convert them to customers and keep them engaged. Content marketing in its various forms, has been the strongest tool to make this happen. See some representative examples of content marketing legacy.

Content Copy Protection Feb13

Content Copy Protection

People from PlagTracker venture a trenchant confrontation in an effort to denote the risks of stealing, namely copying, original content by allegorically presenting the life course of a copyist as opposed to a self-determined. Plagiarism and duplication hurts in the long run! So, lets see how your life may change after copying someone.

Content Marketing Metrics

Even more marketers realize the value and importance of content marketing but just a handful lean to content marketing strategy planning. This graph presents the essentials for a successfull content based campaign.

SEO Copywriting Guide in collaboration with The Next Sem offer content creators 12 useful on-page SEO tips to remember before start tapping in vain. Copywriting for the web talks to the engines prior your audience but you should be cautious – See how.

Content Marketing Matrix

E-marketers realize more than anyone that content is the king. But what type of content do you deliver to your audience? Leads and potential customers need diversity depending on which phase of the cycle they are. Start mixing your ideas using this handy matrix.

Challenges In Creating Content Jul25

Challenges In Creating Content

A TechValidate’s survey, questioning B2B Marketers about their views on driving an efficient content marketing strategy. About half of the responders consider that it’s time consuming while they denote 4 more difficulties that need special treatment.

Content Marketing & Seo

A revisional evaluation of obsolete and updated methods for planning a content marketing strategy in the post Panda/Penguin era. What’s fascinating here? The militaristic touch of the creative concept. Fight for your right!