Top Green Cities

Year 2009 was the first one with decreased Carbon emissions by 0.3% since 1998. But this is just a drob in the ocean. See which countries are the green leaders showing their enviromental responsibility in action.

Effective PPC Ads

Deep Footprints offers a step by step guide to writing PPC Ads that will garner sales as well as traffic. Good for introductory level.

Online Shopping Traffic

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest efficiency in generating traffic to online stores. Which one performs better?

Ceos Guide To Pinterest

What CEOs need to know about Pinterest – the latest in social networking popularity and the proven traffic driver.

Videos for Sales

Animated content can boost your sales performance. See why qualified product video content can benefit your seo ranking efforts, page traffic and conversion rates. Even further your servcice costs.

Link Building for Dummies

Not all links are equally valuable for your website. Answer the following questions and flow down the pipes to see how external links may help your site’s performance. Leave the tap open!

The Future of Google Plus

Think beyond of your times. A hypothetical senario 40 years ahead that scripts the Google plus funeral while praising Facebook’s dominance based on present traffic stats. Exaggeration?

Video Marketing Plan Pays

We know that you know and realize the potentials of video marketing, but how about your boss? Find the info you need to get him and raise the budget for your video marketing plan.

Web evolution timeline

Absolutely interactive, handy and informational infographic showing the history of the internet in a nutshell. Includes selection option with separate screens referring to browsers – technologies and the general history.

Pinterest Image Optimization

Pin it is not enough. You have to make it better and here you learn about things you are mising. An updated refferal traffic ranking comparison is waiting for you on the bottom.

Public Transportation Is Green

Public transportation creates less traffic congestion, saves money for you and the general ecosystem but above all is environmental friendly. Read the facts and give up using your car daily.

Social media vs Search engine Marketing

It’s not a dilemma. Social media and search engine marketing should be combined. But which one outperforms when it comes to specific objectives like traffic or brand awareness?

The internet tomorrow Jun04

The internet tomorro...

It’s not the future. It’s the “Tomorrow” and it’s gonna be big, really BIG. Introducing the Zettabyte and the Video blast.