Sex Promotes Longevity

Don’t get blush! Being sexually active we extend our lifespan and improve quality of living. If you are looking for a safe exercise, sex is the safest sport you can practice and also one of the most effective.

Sex In America

The value of sex for men and women across States.

Good Sex Helps Career

See why having a healthy sex life makes a connection to your professional life and may help you ease the pitfalls and stress in your career.

Hiv In The Philippines

A report by Job de Leon that underilines the frustrating expansion of HIV cases in Philippines and reminds us the transmission risks.

Strange Sex Laws

This is really weird. A unique experience about how different cultures conceptualize sexual relationships.

Interesting Facts About Sex

The things you think but you never say, the things you wonder but you never get answers. Who has ever escaped from sexual thoughts?

Are You Irresistible? Jul21

Are You Irresistible?

Your Tango polls its readers trying to examine what makes them feel more irresistible. See the qualities and standards that boost men’s and women’s attractiveness and drive personal affairs.

Cellular Etiquette Jul16

Cellular Etiquette

Where are you mobile manners? This report denotes our cell phone addiciton – especially among youngs – and the combined mobile overdoing, arising awareness about rude behaviour and medium abusement.

Safe Sex And StdR...

This report brings up for dicussion the STD’s state in the US and the compensation rights in case of “surprise” infection. Strange correlation? Be always on the safe side.

The Brain On Sex

The brain has been called the largest sex organ for good reason. Learn how brain impacts before and during sex.

Top Reasons For Breaking Up

I bet you’ll find your own in here. But wouldn’t you like to think twice?

The Kiss and the chemistry behind

A kiss can express various feelings under different circumstances. Have you ever wondered what’s the story behind?

Sexual Betrayal And Cheating

Give me a second chance please! “No way! You cheated me” Are you familiar with this dialogue? See what your chances are.

More Sex After Breast Augmentation For Women May31

More Sex After Breast Augmentation For Women

According to this survey various types of plastic surgery affect womens sexual satisfaction. Does this conclude to “the more the merrier”?