IN App Purchase Protection

What are in-app purchases, how to avoid them and how to keep your children away from them. This and much more on this fresh-cut infographic with the combined forces of Neo Mammalian ans MoneySupermarket.

Pinterest and Sales

A survey for pinterest users from Vision Critical that discloses the impact of pins on purchasing decisions. The smashing image based social network shows a good performance in assisted sales conversions.

Consumer Segmentation Oct25

Consumer Segmentation

This study highlights 4 unique market segments and profiles the representative personas of each one to help marketers connect and nurture relationships with their audience.

Mobile Shopping by Gender

1100 men and women declare their habits over mobile shopping and USamp gives us a comprehensive report on their activity.

Videos for Sales

Animated content can boost your sales performance. See why qualified product video content can benefit your seo ranking efforts, page traffic and conversion rates. Even further your servcice costs.

Millennial Shopping Habits Jul19

Millennial Shopping ...

A new consumer group is emegring, with diverse behavior and new value system. How do they think, react, choose when it comes to shopping? Quick and easy info.

Unselfish Online Reviews Jun25

Unselfish Online Reviews

More and more consumers are flocking to online review sites to share their opinions and experiences. Reviewers are scarcely motivated by tangible rewards. Don’t you wonder why they’re doing it?

Women Blogs & Social Media

Jumpthru tries to anatomize the relation of women with blogs and social media. Blogging platforms and pinterest win the premiership of females’ trust with the former taking over as far purchasing decisions.