Shark Attack Paradox Jun20

Shark Attack Paradox

This infographic comes to justify the classic saying “1 picture worth 1000 words”. We say, likely even more. Can a specie’s innate wildness, like sharks, contrast with man’s intention to kill for the sake of money profit?

How To Be Happy

A primer on getting and staying happy. Figures tied up with smart and practical hints to help you keep dourness out of your day routine and start making your life over on your own.

Are You Irresistible? Jul21

Are You Irresistible?

Your Tango polls its readers trying to examine what makes them feel more irresistible. See the qualities and standards that boost men’s and women’s attractiveness and drive personal affairs.

Are you happy?

Can we define happiness? Can we patronize it? After all, “Life is not about finding ourselves – it’s about creating ourselves” as G. Bernard Shaw quoted. 10 keynotes to weigh up if you are flooding with bliss, joy and positiveness.

Mobile Phones Usage Jul01

Mobile Phones Usage

New behavioral patterns emerge as we enter the post PC Era. This report shows the trends in mobiles’ usage considering local and cultural differences.

Social Media Insecurity

Are you a FOMO sufferer? Do you feel insecurity whenever you’re missing friends’updates, trends or online content on social media. Take the test and learn what FOMO is.

Snapshot Of Photography Industry

Explore the current state of the photography industry and how consumers capture their perfect moments in the mobile world.

Social media for antisocial people Jun15

Social media for ant...

According to this survey from Badoo, social media do have a considerable impact on getting people antisocial and secluded from real life moments. What’s your experience?

Worldwide Energy Access

Even nowadays in the modern and “developed” world over 1 billion people are devoid of electrical power. Energy access and unequal opportunities are still an issue.

Geeks Vs Nerds Jun10

Geeks Vs Nerds

The legendary battle between geeks and nerds has been around for many decades. Find here some history and finally which persona ou belong to. Don’t be afraid of the truth!

We are soulmates

We are all people, we are connected on way or another, we are soulmates and here is the proof. Find your own.

Northgate Rail Station Jun06

Northgate Rail Station

Here is a construction controversy by numbers referrting to and comparing the options and final benefits for people or vehicles from putting up the Northgate light rail station.

Public Interest Design Jun06

Public Interest Design

From idealism to realism. Design for the people!