Critical Marketing Metrics

Measurability is the biggest magic in digital marketing. Here you find a collection of the most critical metrics that measure the performance and success of campaigns across various online channels like social media , Paid search, eMail, display advertising.

Bounce Rate Uncovered

Being one of the hundreds criteria of Google search engine ranking algorithm, bounce rate is a metric that you should regularly go over depending on the nature of the site you manage. Learn how it is determined and how you can deal with.

Content Marketing Metrics

Even more marketers realize the value and importance of content marketing but just a handful lean to content marketing strategy planning. This graph presents the essentials for a successfull content based campaign.

Challenges In Creating Content Jul25

Challenges In Creating Content

A TechValidate’s survey, questioning B2B Marketers about their views on driving an efficient content marketing strategy. About half of the responders consider that it’s time consuming while they denote 4 more difficulties that need special treatment.

Social Customer Service Jul06

Social Customer Service

The modern business context has nurtured empowered customers having great expectations from the companies. Customer service today is rather a matter of total quality than a worry of response speed. See how social media are involving.

Facebook Insights Anatomy

Useful tips about monitoring and management of your facebook campaigns with some special reference to exposure rate metrics.

Google Analytics Users 2012

A worlwide market share analysis of the most popular website metric platform. The G domination once more.

Mobile Analytics Jun09

Mobile Analytics

Every day businesses are learning more about how mobile technology can increase their productivity. Shoudn’t you do the same?

Social Media Measurement Model

Follow the 5 pillars of this simple model to measure your online marketing success through social channels.