Higher Education Moocs 101 Dec12

Higher Education Moocs 101

Are you familiar with the MOOCs? That is Massive Open Online Courses and the term mostly refers to higher education. Learn about the basics and the buzz that there’s been around lately.

Online vs Classroom Education

The majority of academic leaders believe that online education is equal and likely superior to classroom education. Could you find the base to justify that?

Online courses statistics Aug06

Online courses statistics

A brief profiling of 1500 students who pursue fully online programs.

Online Education Revolution Jul31

Online Education Revolution

The world of online education has quickly become a rapidly growing alternative to the more traditional forms of higher education. Learn what is this all about, where is it going and when did it start.

Blended Learning models Jun09

Blended Learning models

Blended learning is a disruptive innovation in education that can take many forms. Find here various implementation models both for real and virtual classrooms.