Millennial Shopping ...

A new consumer group is emegring, with diverse behavior and new value system. How do they think, react, choose when it comes to shopping? Quick and easy info.

Boss From Hell Jul17

Boss From Hell

Is your boss a psychopath at large? Surely you have a million of words to say but remember he’s the one who pay you. If you cannot beat it try to win it.

Cellular Etiquette Jul16

Cellular Etiquette

Where are you mobile manners? This report denotes our cell phone addiciton – especially among youngs – and the combined mobile overdoing, arising awareness about rude behaviour and medium abusement.

Social Battle Of The Sexes

The way we interact with the existing and new social media channels differs greatly between men and women. In 5 “fighting” rounds you will learn about the numbers behind the social habits of the sexes and the final knock out.

College students love mobiles

A deep breakdown of the students’ mobile habits. They are never far from their smartphones, they cannot separate from them – mobiles are their hands’ second nature.

Social Media Personas

A customer segmentation approach that suggests 6 social media usage personas based on behavioral drivers of Trust and Control.

Very Pinteresting

It’s the new kid on the block and it’s thriving! Pinterest is more than a female favourite social network. This report displays insights on the lifestyle anf behavior of P users

Social Media Insecurity

Are you a FOMO sufferer? Do you feel insecurity whenever you’re missing friends’updates, trends or online content on social media. Take the test and learn what FOMO is.

Women Blogs & Social Media

Jumpthru tries to anatomize the relation of women with blogs and social media. Blogging platforms and pinterest win the premiership of females’ trust with the former taking over as far purchasing decisions.

Social Oversharing and Security

Have you ever wondered if we are overdoing it with social sharing? Security issues might come up when you thoughtlessly update your status. After all, oversharing is strongly related with emotional disorders.
Keep some things private and know if you are suffering from FOMO – the social media syndrom of our days.

Digital Stress And The Brain

We are gonna burn our brains! Most of us are multitasking due to the tight schedule and the technology boom. This report denotes that taking to the limit stresses our mental health.

Health Awareness Vs Health Expense

The great paradox! We do less to be healthy than we spend to get healthy.

T-Shirt Culture Inde...

You are what you wear. According to this infographic the type of t-shirt you choose is distinctive of certain stereotype personas you are likely related with.

Geeks Vs Nerds Jun10

Geeks Vs Nerds

The legendary battle between geeks and nerds has been around for many decades. Find here some history and finally which persona ou belong to. Don’t be afraid of the truth!

Reasons For Unfollowing People On Twitter

Being a noisy bird can harm your influence on Twitter according to this survey. Find out the rest 14+ reasons for losing followers.

Mobile Dependence In Business Travel

Business travelers are the most prone to mobile device addiction. Find out the profile and the benefits of the multi-task freaks. “Hey pull the water-closet before pressing the like button please!”

How People Spend Their Time Online Jun01

How People Spend The...

A holistic overview on the time we dedicate for online activities, the most popular activities by frequency and time spent and the 10 most visited web properties.

The Social Media Gender Divide

A study into the UK internet behaviour that shows 45% more engagement against other online content and further the genders segmentation.