College Students 2012

Sheer ID comes back profiling the complexity of the college student crowd in 2012 to help marketers reconsider their targeting efforts.

2012 National Physicians Survey Aug16

2012 National Physicians Survey

This survey examines the impact of change on physicians and their practices.

Joomla Stats 2006-2012

Some statistics about the market share and efficiency of one of the most popular CMS platforms.

Best Paid Jobs 2012 Jul13

Best Paid Jobs 2012

Payscale gives us on more interesting study about the wage growth of jobs in six basic industries over time.

Compensation Survey 2012

This is a market pricing practices survey and asks employers about their current compensation practices and any planned changes. Figures are from 2011 and are compared to 2010 with a split by company size and industry.

Cannes Lions 20 June 2012

The buzz created on the 3rd day of the Cannes creative media festival including some fun facts, collective statistics, winning trends and award statistics. See also the crowning of “the media person of the year”

Cannes Lions 2012 Recap

The week overview of the most creative festival in Cannes. The hottest topics, the top tweeting coutnries, the buzz-iest days & hours and more.

Twitter For Business 2012

Well, ok – this is not the best infoGRAPHIC in terms of styling. But it worths to read these twitter stats from the business point of view.

Very Pinteresting

It’s the new kid on the block and it’s thriving! Pinterest is more than a female favourite social network. This report displays insights on the lifestyle anf behavior of P users

Social Media Marketing Report 2012

3800 marketers declare their views and concerns over the current state of social media channels. All of them agree about the value for their busines but almost the half is still seeking advice on ROI measurement and targeting. If you are in this field then it’s a must-read classic report.

Social Media Gender Split 2012

Ok Pinterest is extremely popular to women – we know it. But what’s the pie split among the other social media networks? Social bookmarking sites aren’t women’s preference.

Tv Show Social Buzz 2012

See which tv shows and series from the top US networks skyrocket in the social activity.

Google Analytics Users 2012

A worlwide market share analysis of the most popular website metric platform. The G domination once more.

Cannes Lions 19 June...

The second day recap of the great advertising festival including awards stastistics.

Cannes Lions 18 June 2012

The first day of the Cannes Lions 2012 – the greatest creative media festival. Here you will find the agencies by country, a partial festival’s timeline from 1992 and some buzz figures for the opening day.

Cloud Impact And Adoption 2012-2015

Predictions about the impact and adoption of cloud services for software vendors and enterprise IT.

50 abolished Olympic Events

From experimentation and innovation to the spectacular sport fiesta. Learn about 50 olympic events that have been taken out the olympic frame since the official start in Athens 1896.

Twitter Users In the Arab World

A quick review over the twitter expansion among users in the Arab countries.

Social Media Leaders 2012

The inexorable battle of the social domination. And the oscar goew to….