Halloween Habits and Statistics 2013

A compilation of market trends, habits and statistics of the Halloween etiquette with some historical highlights.

Firework Safety Tips

Fireworks at home can be great fun as long as they are used safely and handled properly. Clearly out of the infographic ideation but it serves good for our safety during festivity times.

American College Football Traditions

From the 8 clap sequence cheer at UCLA games to the tailgating etiquette, this is all about traditions and rituals of college football games Americans love to keep up.

Oktoberfest History

In the wake of the 180th celebration of Oktoberfest, this infographic comes to summarize the historical highlights of the most popular festivity of German culture and tradition.

Bacon for the People

In the wake of the “International Bacon Day” (that was August 31) guys from Wren Kitchens UK, compiled this infographic and provide all we need to know about bacon! From its first existence to some weird and wonderful bacon creations. Click and bite the crispy!

July 4th Tribute

American and proud. Tomorrow is a national holiday and patriots’ day for the US. Guys from Quicken Loans picked some historical data and facts about July 4th festivities and its constitutional background.

Mother vs Father Day Spending

In the wake of the Fathers Day celebration, it fits good to see how the world spends on these occasions and how they stack up against each other. Contrary to what most of us would expect, it’s not the US that ranks 1st in spending per capita. Any guess?

TV BAFTAS by Numbers

In the wake of the BAFTA awards 2013, here are 4 slides illustrating the pulse of BAFTA 2012 and some highlights from the history of the most popular British TV Awards.

St Patrick’s Day in America

With St. Patrick’s day right around the corner, this graph comes more than timely for whoever wants to learn more about how Americans are celebrating St. Patrick’s day as well as the Irish presence in America.

Catering Order Guide

Have a look at some basic guidelines that will help you determine the right quantity and type of food before you ring the catering service. Leave the best impressions to your guests without draining your wallet.

Wedding Menu Planning

Planning nuptials involves various chores. When it comes to the wedding dinner couples and usually brides have to decide about the general setting and the menu. This graph presents the 4 common reception types with their pros and cons and helps you choose the most appropriate for you style and guests’ mix.

Valentine’s Da...

World lovers’ day is closing and you have hardly 2 days to get in the Valentine mood and be prepared for the big time. Not on the love boat at this period of time? Nevermind, keep up the spirit and you’ll find your soulmate.

Tu Bishvat Recipes

Dedicated to our Jew friends. This happy graph will teach you how to cook 7 delicious dishes compliant with Tu Bishvat etiquette. We know it’s a bit outdated for 2013 but you can keep it and spread the recipes around before the next Tu Bishvat celebration.

Christmas Rumors

We know Christmas is all about magic and spirit. But aren’t you itching for reading some rumors around paradoxs and things that we’ve been taking for granted so far?

Christmas Gifts Over Time

See the hottest trends for gadgets and toys as Christmas gifts over the last 5 decades and how technology has contributed to their evolution till nowdays.

Wrong Christmas Gifts

Don’t you wish you could just give everybody what they want? Find here the wrong gifts for him or her that you should take out your list this Christmas.

Women Christmas Wish List

Sometimes it’s hard to dig into womens real wants. Here you will find out which Christmas gifts make up the ideal wish list to hit the nail on the head when go out for shopping.

Secret Santa at Workplace

Surely it’s not the first time you hear about secret Santa. Have you ever tried it at workplace? It’s a nice and cost effective way to bring the jolly christmas spirit in the office.

Christmas Scams

Learn about the sneaky pits of online Christmas dash and how to protect your pocket and cheer from common holiday scams.

Artificial vs Real Christmas Tree

Jolly statistics represetning the choice of American households between real and artificial Christmas trees. A good reason for real tree lovers to reconsider their views on Christmas traditions.