Who Pays Less For Car Insurance

Interesting comparisons and corralations between politics, social status, behaviour and insurance rate in an effort to examine whether your chance to pay less for car insurance is determined by the party you side with.

US Politicians Love WordPress

Quick and easy figures showing that wordpress platform as CMS thrives among politicians’ and other governmental institutions’ online projects.

China Communist Party Sep17

China Communist Party

A great interactive infographic (though built in flash) about the communist empire in China depicting its structure and the established statism along some bios of brass hat members.

Palestinian Ruins Sep03

Palestinian Ruins

A frustrating report about the systematic displacement of Palestinians from Gaza and the West Bank resuming the devastating effects of an “eternal” clash.

The Presidential Battle On Facebook Jun15

The Presidential Battle On Facebook

Obama and Romney are battling in all means for the presidential elections. How effective are their social strategy efforts?

Gender Gap In The 2012 Election Coverage Jun03

Gender Gap In The 2012 Election Coverage

At the end… women have the power!

Drug Use Among Politicians Jun01

Drug Use Among Politicians

Politicians are getting high! Some of them have admitted drug use, but do you think it’s for no reason?