Pet Food Labels Guide

Find here general guidelines about how to “decode” the tricky writing on pet food labels and select the right titbit for your lovely “friends”.

Cats Love Murder Oct16

Cats Love Murder

Sidesplitting!! Curiousity killed the cat but what happened before that? According to recent studies on cats’ outdoor activities, murder plotting is their favorite hobby. It’s not exaggeration.

US Pets Spending Oct12

US Pets Spending

Discover statistics about pet ownership in the US and total expenditure in the pet industry.

Pet Cost Estimator Oct10

Pet Cost Estimator

Before adopting a pet you should reckon with your wallet – even for the staples. It’s your decision how far you wanna go.

Cat Sleep Habits Sep20

Cat Sleep Habits

Did you know that cats need 16-18 hours of sleep? However, their sleep habits may not line with yours. Learn how you can moderate the sleep disorders.

Food Dogs Should Avoid

Dogs relish eating goodies all the time and playing tricks with your tolerance. Be upright and stop letting them guzzling. Try to “educate” them to a strict and appropriate diet. See the list with the “DONTs”.

Strange Facts About Cats Jul02

Strange Facts About Cats

Finally a title that rhymes! Miaouuuuuu. Independent, mincing and cute – cats have their ways. A truth to say is that they respond better to women than men.

Lost Pets in the US Jul01

Lost Pets in the US

If you love your 4 leg company you have to be cautious as more pets go missing around the 4th of July. Can you correlate and reason for this fact?


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