Time Wasters at Work

C’mon we know we all do it to some extent. Contrary to what employers would expect, social media distraction at work is not the leading cause for time wasters. According to this report there are at least 4 other time consuming situations that come before.

Working From Home Savings

1 out of 10 US workers works from home once a week and this trend has gained popularity. What would be the result of a massive turnover to telecommute working environment?

Social Media Disruption

This study examines the total hour workers spent on interuptions caused by social media and email reading interference during a workday. Remember that multitasking yields just for 2% of the general population according to recent studies.

Coworking Works

This is a report form Deskwanted that shows the latest trends and current state of co-working culture globally. Co is always plus.