Why Responsive Web Design

With more than 1,82 billion users surfing on the go, it’s pretty clear why businesses should lean towards mobilization of their web properties. That is focusing on responsive design and mobile apps. See the facts.

What is CDN Technology

This graph explains in a nutshell the essentials of CDN technology, how it works and why it should be utilized from mere bloggers to big online businesses.

Critical Website Features

ROImedia gives a quick refresh on the grassroots of a “Gooooooood” website. Quite basic but you cannot ignore it.

Web Clones

Amplification through replication. Industrial illustration of the lucrative business in web cloning. Just think how many copies of popular online concepts pop up randomly. But how many of them do substantiallly achieve to build up on the primary idea, diversify and last?

WordPress CMS Popularity

Report on Worpress web market penetration that documents its dominance as a powerful CMS platform against its rivals Joomla and Drupal.

History Of Internet Tags Jul10

History Of Internet Tags

Tag management is a hard and complicated process but its crucial for the life of a website / blog. Tagging is proportional to the internet evolution and both of them are shrewdly presented here together with some statistics as far the impact of poor site performance on user experience.

Dominating Websites Jun29

Dominating Websites

The eternal rivalry of the most robust web networks turns out to the worldmap domination distribution. Google power still prevails!

Google Analytics Users 2012

A worlwide market share analysis of the most popular website metric platform. The G domination once more.

Html5 Evolution

Here is the timeline of the HTML technology and an overview of key features and implementation efficiency.

The World Without The Internet Jun20

The World Without The Internet

The truth is that a world without internet would be totally different but definetly not better. If you belong to the generation X or Y likely you cannot even imagine it.