Improve WordPress Performance

A useful guide for Wordpress website owners with a 11 step routine for improving and maintaining health and performance under a wp installation.

e Commerce Kickstart

Comprehensive guide for business owners who want to take the leap to online trading and need to get an idea of the e-commerce development framework and possible pitfalls involved.

Web Equity Owning Your Local Web Presence

Claim you equity on the web by understanding and following the suggested course of actions for local internet marketing. Being a small local business doesn’t mean you cannot enter the game!

Html5 Event Handler cheat sheet

New and existing event handler content attributes list for the new HTLM5 web standard.

Html5 Browser Support Cheat Sheet

Cross browser compatibilty is one of major factors a web developer should consider. See which browsers support syntax in HTML5 standard.

WordPress The Loop Template Cheat Sheet

See how the core content template Loop works on a circular process and what its main parts are.

WordPress Help Sheet

Find a collection of major wordpress php snippets for header and templates, basic template files, plus extra stuff. A quick help on your tweaking efforts.

The Most Popular Design Blogs Dec10

The Most Popular Design Blogs

Either you are in the Design Industry or seeking support this might be your kickstart pallet.

The Web App Development Process

Devloping a descent and promising web app is a serious task that requires to consider all phases of a process. Here you can find a quick guide.

Html5 Canvas Cheat Sheet Part1

The first part of the html5 canvas elements for quick reference. 2D context, Compositing, Transformation.

Html5 Canvas Cheat Sheet Part2

The second part of canvas elements in HTML5 like Colors, Text, Paths etc.

Html5 Tags

A well organized table list of new, existing and unsupported tags in HTML5

Html5 Cheat Sheet

All about tags attributes & browser support in HTML5

Html5 Sectioning Flowchart

Sectioning content elements and friends in HTML5

WordPress Administration Cheat Sheet

Dive into the deep of the wordpress administration. A long segmented list of templates, tags, attributes, parameters and values.

WordPress Stats A Global Phenomenon

Wordpress is ready to conquer the world of cms and with a 53% of the global market share is rightfully considered a phenomenon in the internet culture.

The Anatomy Of An Effective Homepage

Your homepage transmits the first impression. It’s time you learn the basics about creating homepages that rock.

How To Speed Up WordPress

If you utilize Wordpress either as blog or cms you will love this. Speed up your pages to reach better conversion rates and engagement.

Web Design vs Web Development Salaries

Aggregated data for the average salaries in web design and web development landscape from TIme Doctor in collaboration with Infoactive US. Ever wonder what the rates of tech developers are around the world? Check out this awesome infographic and play safe.

WordPress CMS Popularity

Report on Worpress web market penetration that documents its dominance as a powerful CMS platform against its rivals Joomla and Drupal.