Video Virality Economics

Guys from Master in Marketing spotlight some representative examples of online video content from YouTube in an effort to show its power in terms of user engagement and virality and how this integrates with advertising.

Social Media Virality 101

There’s not a magic formula for success in social media communication. However, here you will find some generic yet tried and true guidelines for how to make your content shareable and better resonate with your audience.

More Facebook Shares

People from made a list of 14 keynotes for anyone out there in need for more visibility and viral sharing on Facebook.

Luxury Brands in Social Media

in most cases, luxury brands’ profile on social media is coherent to their general arrogant communication strategy. On this report you will see how popular fashion brands, like Dior perform on social networks.

Become Popular Reddit

Marketing guide for glory and fame on Reddit. Holding an Alexa rank among the first 200 and attracting witty and internet savvy members mostly from US, Reddit is a hive with much promising exposure potential as long as you know how to list on the front page.

Olympic Sponsors’ Advertising Race

The hard race of official Olympic sponsors to win the gold metal in viral content performance generating smashing social buzz. It’s a true race – enjoy till the finish.

Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet

The idea behind viral marketing is to inspire people to spread your message for you. Follow these 7 basic rules when you craft your online campaign.