Hillary Clinton 2016

First Lady of the US, New York Senator and then US Secretary of State. What’s next? One of the most popular and most travelled female political figures is heading for the US Presidency 2016. Let’s have a look at her background and accomplishments.

Fittest US Presidents

See the US presidents that were renowned for their physical activity, trying to remain healthy and in good shape followed by their lazy counterparts. Find also details about the lifestyle of the latest presidential candidates.

How Electoral College Works Nov06

How Electoral College Works

The US Presidential election system has received criticism for being antiquated. See how Americans feel about the current election method and how it actually works.

US Presidential Elections Electoral Map Nov06

US Presidential Elections Electoral Map

It’s the middlemen that you vote for, not the President and further your vote’s value is dependent on your residence. See the uneven map of the US electoral college.

US Election Issues 2012 Nov05

US Election Issues 2012

Find here the hottest us election issues that were discussed among Americans on social media during the debates according to comment measurement conducted by Livefyre.

US President Travel Expense

Hit the road Jack! A close look at the costs and visits of the US presidency election campaign. See all the amenities they enjoy during their the travel and stay.

Email Habits Of The Presidential Candidates

A comparison between the email marketing tactics efficiency of two competing US presidents in attracting new voters.

Independence Day Quotes

Quotes about the most famous national holiday in the US including population growth, patriotic place names and presidents’ surnames popularity in population.