10 Best Butlers

A virtual contest among 10 popular butlers from famous films and tv shows. See who is the best butler of all times.

Locations of Game of Thrones

With the advanced technologies utilized in film making, it’s no surprise to think that most of the magic and spectacular Game of Thrones scenes are imaginary. Contrary to what expected, they are true locations anyone can visit. Discover the kingdoms on the map.

Homes of Breaking Bad

It’s amazing to see how the creators of “Breaking Bad” convey a character’s personality just by using color and furnishing. Check this infographic to find out more!

Game of Thrones Recap

Game of Thrones can be confusing for someone that is just starting to get into it. With season 3 being underway, this infographic puts new and seasoned fans on the same rail recalling some of the things that have been happening in Westeros. Follow the publisher’s link to enter Season’s 2 Blu-ray giveaway contest that is still on.

Star Trek Timeline

It all started in 1964 when Gene Roddenberry envisioned the science fiction series that has captivated millions of fans around the world. Explore the history of Star Trek tv series and films till the imminent release of J.J. Abrams’ sequel.

Walking Dead Kill Count

Is this the kingdom of blood? Just in two seasons the Walking Dead characters have committed 208 kills. That equals to 11 kills per episode! See who is the most skilled killer and which is the most used weapon.

Cartooning Famous TV Shows

Sometimes it’s hard to describe and fully convey the spirit of something you adore to certain persons. In our case we are talking about tv shows like Doctor Who, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones or an anime. What would be the approach if talking to your parents, lover, a nerdy friend or a work fellow?

Walking Dead Characters

2 seasons of Walking Dead series are enough to fire the tv buzz. Here you’ll see the profile of each character and its dead or alive status.

Modern Family

Should the modern family be considered a normal one? What is normal for you? This study gives the averages of common habits and behavioral patterns of the Brit families in the name of Modern Family Season 3 DVD release.

Breaking Bad Death Toll

Perfectly fitted to the script concept, this is dedicated to Breaking Bad fandoms. With 247 total deaths in this tv show spike it’s hard to calculate and tell which party trumps. Look into this periodic table and claim your diploma in “death chemistry”.

Periodic Table Of Tv Shows

What’s the relation between chemistry and some of the most popular TV shows?

Mad Men Career Comparison

It’s one of the greatest TV show hits theming the American advertising industry in 60’s. On this sheet you will see an illustration of major changes happened in the advertising industry during the last 50 years backed with the Mad Men series spirit.

Batman Suit History Jul20

Batman Suit History

We love Batman and all the Bat-Culture. Enjoy the illustrations of the bat-suit and its variations through time since May 1939.

Breaking Bad: Walter’s holdings

If you are watching Breaking Bad you know what we’re talking about. Walter White, the chemistry genius evaluates his financial status to make it through the next season.

Tv Show Social Buzz 2012

See which tv shows and series from the top US networks skyrocket in the social activity.