Teenage Cyber Bullying Statistics

Cyberbullying belongs to the most common cyber crimes and threats happening on the interwebs. Though online bulling occurrence rates are lower than offline (traditional bullying), statistics indicate that cyberbullying increases the likelihood of suicide.

Teenage Driver Facts

This infographic on teen driving safety talks about the most dangerous times for teenagers to drive, provides some staggering statistics, suggests tactics for parents to use in educating their children on driving safety, and offers recommendations on the safest automobiles.

Facebook Party Busted

Unthinkable parties aren’t just a cinema thing… This infographic will show you how nine small gatherings turned into true riots with hundreds of people.

Facebook Parental Control Facts

Along with the striking internet growth rises the threat of cyber bullying, trolling and general obtrusive behavior or malicious attacks against teenagers who are unsuspectingly surfing the interwebs. This infographic addresses the issues that parents encounter in the effort of monitoring internet usage of their child.

American Teenage Spending

Overview of the teenage consumers’ spending as part of the overall spending in American economy. It is estimated that teens total at 25.6 Million generating a whopping $208.7 Billion expenditure among the markets. Aren’t they a considerable cog of the US economy engine?

Millennials Generation Nov02

Millennials Generation

Young and techish. Millennials belong to the age scale from 18 to 34 and self-define as the generation that is marked by broad technology use. Discover behavioral patterns of the digital natives.