Design Thinking 101 Apr09

Design Thinking 101

Design Thinking is a process that is getting more and more attention in both the business world and the real world as it spurs innovation and solves complex problems. See how it works.

The Patent Wars Jan24

The Patent Wars

And the battle begins! See here a really complicated diagram of the backstage relations among the top tech companies.

Millennials Generation Nov02

Millennials Generation

Young and techish. Millennials belong to the age scale from 18 to 34 and self-define as the generation that is marked by broad technology use. Discover behavioral patterns of the digital natives.

The State And Trends Of Mobile Internet

Browse and move! These are the global trends of mobile interenet in an app addicted world.

Smartphone Penetrati...

When phones get smarter numbers get stronger. Go over smartphone market penetration comparisons over key countries.

The Evolution Of Portable Music Oct25

The Evolution Of Portable Music

In a fast moving world we need fast moving music. Audio devices turned portable in 1954 and carry their own history since then.

Steve Jobs The Timeline Of A Genius Oct24

Steve Jobs The Timeline Of A Genius

Steve Jobs the great. A retrospective in his visions and breakthroughs starting 1975

The Cost Of Being Iron Man Aug27

The Cost Of Being Iron Man

Are you a superhero dreamer? Did you learn what it takes to be a Batman replica? Now it’s time to seek funding for your Iron Man outfit.

Digital Technology Stress

Have you ever thought the underlying effects of your high-tech gadgets on your psychology? 6 out of 10 people find technology stressful. Read the full review.

Software upgrade trends

Here you will find the results of a survey conducted by Skype that examines users’ behavior in regards to regular software upgrades.

Technology in Classrooms Jul24

Technology in Classrooms

Technology is drastically changing the educational context. This report from Open Colleges illustrates some of the key advancements in the modern classroom. Do you reminisce your childhood?

Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies

Read about the scientific background of the 4 environment friendly lighting technologies, their technical substance and some useful benchmarking over lifespan, performance and economy.

Small Businesses & Mobile Technology Jul05

Small Businesses & Mobile Technology

Recent trends reveal that small businesses are using mobile technology more than ever to save time and increase productivity. Technology is your savior!

Android And Jelly Be...

Jelly Bean is the code name for the expected Android upgrade in July 2012. Google likes go crazy but Karl took it to the edge by illustrating a comparison between facts of true jelly beans and the digital one.

Moms: Technology Power Users Jul02

Moms: Technology Power Users

Moms Do the hard job! Impressive – this report shows that moms are more techy than non-moms. Look into their digital habits.

50 Years Human Spaceflight Jun24

50 Years Human Spaceflight

More than 500 people have been launched into space the 50 years. Hold your breath and fly over a brief history and facts of human space activity.

Behind Apple’s i-Products Jun22

Behind Apple’s i-Products

Apple is the front label – but technological breakthrough necessitates strategical collaboration. i-products enclose the brainpower of various leading tech companies

Present And Future State Of Spaceships Jun22

Present And Future State Of Spaceships

If you belong to the space enthusiasts you will love to see these blueprints of thougts on future spaceships. Ready fro launch?

Html5 Evolution

Here is the timeline of the HTML technology and an overview of key features and implementation efficiency.

The Battle Of Electric Cars

As the oil reserves lessen, electric cars are becoming more than alternative. Starting form 1897, here is a brief history of the electric car evolution together with some thoughts on pros and cons of the 2 technologies.