Pantone Color Beaches

Though summer season is typically off for most of us, this infographic will help you decide for your next summer destination by color preference. Or at least give you a reason to fly away a bit while at the office.

Holiday in Luxury

Should you ever become the owner of a 1 billion dollars windfall you need to know how to lavish and get the most of the most luxurious holiday you ever dreamed.

How The World Vacations

Vacations are what balance us in this busy world. Here you can find information about the frequency, destination and expenditure of vacation worldwide.

Summer road trip tips

Travelling is nice but a family road trip might end up in a mess if you are not prepared properly. GoalZero suggests the following tips to make your travelling a memorable experience rather than a nightmare.

Skin and Sun Exposure

Protect and respect your natural mantle. Your skin reflects your age and mostly your health condition. Some hot tips and facts about sun protection before burning down.

Summer Internships 2...

This study examines the ROI of summer internships. Getting drown in the office might return a trainee immediate huge payoffs and long-term career potential. Isn’t this a fair exchange to the free summer spirit?

Summer Travel Trends

The who, what, when, where and how of summer travel.

Bright Planets in Summer Jul07

Bright Planets in Summer

It’s the space summer. Buy a telescope and start observing the unknown. See the hot dates.

Fun On July 4th

The 4th of July means many things to many people. A national holiday coherent to celebration, fun, food, nice weather, summer, friends and family, fireworks. Eitherway there will always be numbers behind. Take a look at the facts through the history.

Mobile Apps For Summer

Summer is the season of travel and fun. Check out these handy travel apps that can save you time and money.

Summer Vacation Outlook 2012

Diving at the pool or drowning in work? 1/5 workers cannot afford to go on vacation but if they do many of them “move” their office on the beach for either catching up with tight schedules or satisfying their employer.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables guide

Nothing tastes better than eating fruits or vegetables at the season peak. Bookmark this infographic to know what’s the best time for your favorite green food.

Social media for summer travel

Social media and mobile apps can help you plan your summer travel. See how Americans do it.

Summer Vacation in America

Summer summer summer! Start packing.