Hollywood Prequels

Do you find that sequels enhance and progress the basic story of movie series or they just replicate without justifying their release?
See some representative examples of Hollywood creativity or idea recycling history “hand-picked” by TexasElectricityProviders.

Nerd and Geek Difference Feb08

Nerd and Geek Difference

Can you tell a nerd from a geek? Identifying them at first sight might be confusing. Discover some of each tribe’s discrete traits and use the right lingo next time you deal with them.

Star Wars Vs Star Trek

Phaser or Lightsaber? Which one do you side with? A technological comparison between the two space kingdoms in an effort to resolve the superiority debate.

The First 35 Years Of Star Wars

Star wars has gained a heart-share of the film audience through time and millions of die-hard fans creating a supernova culture. Here is its chronicle that will make you recall your childhood.