Moving Your Business To The Cloud

Cloud computing rocks and creates a brand new collaboration environment. Find out 5 substantial benefits of moving to the cloud technology.

Software Project Failure Report

200 senior IT professionals were surveyed about the major reasons for software project failure in a bid to see how the industry could be improved.
After research indicated project failure is on the up. MSM produced the following fool proof report to software success.

The Darwinian Evolution Of Photoshop

Photoshop of Adobe is one of the most popular photo editing applications and holds more than 20 years of evolution through time.

Technology for Business

Innovation in technology brought us more efficient Web-based research tools, pagination to streamline production and mobile devices. With the help of these innovations, we can use and edit the files fro anywhere. The use of internet technology has changed all the traditional methods of business and helped to increase the growth of business.

Why Learn Coding?

It’s the stuff that makes most of the technology we use daily to work. Most of us get intimidated just to hear one spell it. But code learning may be easier than you think and more profitable for sure.

Popular Freelancer Tools

Do you run a one man show business? Best Vendor questioned 97 freelancers about their apps and software recommendations. Who knows, you may find your next digital masterpiece!

Selling Student Software

SheerID surveyd college students regarding their behavior on buying software. If you care for big money in the college market you have to know how to secure their attention and final decision.

Software upgrade trends

Here you will find the results of a survey conducted by Skype that examines users’ behavior in regards to regular software upgrades.

Church Management Software Trends

Religious revival through digital advancement. This is how churches can attract and engage new members by use of computer technology. Even “Gods” need some data management in our times!

5 Myths About Open Source

Useful tips that clarify any confused thoughts over adopting open source software approach. Weigh up the pros and cons of every approach before scheming your IT infrastracture.

Android And Jelly Be...

Jelly Bean is the code name for the expected Android upgrade in July 2012. Google likes go crazy but Karl took it to the edge by illustrating a comparison between facts of true jelly beans and the digital one.

Cloud Impact And Adoption 2012-2015

Predictions about the impact and adoption of cloud services for software vendors and enterprise IT.

Buying Business Software Jun09

Buying Business Soft...

The road to buying business software is tough and risky. Follow this 7 stop roadmap and you might leave the hassle behind.

The Rise Of Cloud Hosting

Time to take off and meet the fluffy digi clouds.

Don’t Hate On Windows 8

The release of the new Windows OS is anticipated on October but previews are praising so far. Will MS manage to revice the pc market?