Bulk Shopping Tips

This infographic sheds some light on the ins and outs of bulk shopping in an effort to draw some conclusions about the final benefit.

Black Friday Spending Trends

Do you know the origins of the term “Black Friday” ? Get the answer here packed with some online spending trends for the most dashing shopping days of the holiday season for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and forecasts for 2013.

Support Local Business

This presentation explains the importance of doing our shopping from local stores and businesses rather than big national chains and the benefits this movement produces for local communities and the environment. Discover how turning local makes a difference.

Luxury Brands and Social Media

A very intriguing survey that correlates social classes with luxury brands social media engagement.

Hello Generation Mobile

A clean and simple sheet that illustrates the mobile habits of generation X and the mobile market state.

The Future Wallet

Advancements in technology have changed the way we are trading. Even if it sounds premature for now, conventional wallets might be degraded of their use in the future. New payment methods have come for keeps and they are going to fire the spending sprut.

British Salary Distribution

Here is the story of how the british monthly salary blows. Mortgages, rent, bills, mobile communications? You may be surprised what you find. There are also some handy hints which could help you along in 2013!

7 Digital Tactics For Ecommerce Personas

You should reckon with these 7 creatures when setting your ecommerce strategy.

Safe Christmas Shopping

Either you prefer brick and mortar for your Christmas shopping or you get thrilled by crazy online deals, keeping your finanance safe is top priority issue. Be prepared before the holiday shopping blast by considering the following retail and online shopping safety tips.

Social Media Makes The Sale

Creating trust with your customers through your social media channels is more than likely that you’ll make the sale. Social interaction can drive ecommerce leads on holiday.

The Complex Shopper Oct29

The Complex Shopper

Four profiles that clarify the complex shopper and reveal his motivations and interacitons on his way to buying.

How Do Colors Affect Purchases Oct28

How Do Colors Affect Purchases

Could you think what’s the deal about colors in our buying decisions and how much they affect our purchases?

Halloween Witchful Spending

See how Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year according to the latest National Retail Federation survey.

Impulse Buying

Has your spending gotten out of control? Are you addicted to shopping? Impulse buying may hurt your personal finance and life. Get the facts of US consumer survey and find how to address the problem.

Millennial Shopping Habits Jul19

Millennial Shopping ...

A new consumer group is emegring, with diverse behavior and new value system. How do they think, react, choose when it comes to shopping? Quick and easy info.

Unselfish Online Reviews Jun25

Unselfish Online Reviews

More and more consumers are flocking to online review sites to share their opinions and experiences. Reviewers are scarcely motivated by tangible rewards. Don’t you wonder why they’re doing it?

Balancing Your Personal Finance Jun13

Balancing Your Perso...

Try always to be on the safe side. Defeat greed, trig up and control your cashflow. Things can go better if you reconsider your “basic” needs. Forget that magic plastic card.

Amazon is cheap and big Jun09

Amazon is cheap and ...

Amazon is the number one retailer worldwide. The online sales “Giant” founded by Jeff Bezos promises the lowest price and keeps remarkably thriving showing impressive figures. Is all that buzz at no cost?

Mobile Payments, Com...

See here how mobile devices have altered the way we do shopping and the way we pay. Did you see my wallet?

It’s A Social Mobile Shopper World

Even more users share their purchases on the social networks through mobile devices. But which network is most attractive to shoppers? Hey you marketer! Don’t forget that social reference plays major role in the buying decision process.