Personal Data Privacy

As we are getting more and more social, as we are further adopting various cloud services that facilitate our daily motions, our personal data are exposed and circulate online. This study reports on the European user perception of data privacy in the ever changing web context.

Social Networks Privacy Risks

Trend Micro awakes us with an overview on the type of information we publicly share on social networks and the risks involved. Everything you post can and will be used against you!

Mobile Usage While Travelling

Mobile device usage is on the rise even while on the road with the majority of users love sharing and documenting their travel experience. Tripl has published its commercial report showing statistics o travelers’ activity through their devices.

What is Klout?

In a world where everything is measured and “deeply” analyzed it would be a miss the absence of social media influence measurement. Klout is a popular tool of this kind and this guide is good both for initiation and knowledge extension.

Viral Marketing Cheat Sheet

The idea behind viral marketing is to inspire people to spread your message for you. Follow these 7 basic rules when you craft your online campaign.

How To Build Engaged Audience

Audience engagement is hard work to cope with if you just follow your heart. However sticking to rules sometimes proves to be unproductive. Read here about 3 basic directions that will help you put things in order and increase your reach.

Personal Data And Trust

On this report you will learn that exposion of personal data is negotiable and has its trust-price depending on various factors. However middle aged users are less wiling to open their inner and evidently doubting about data integrity amongst businesses.

Social Media Insecurity

Are you a FOMO sufferer? Do you feel insecurity whenever you’re missing friends’updates, trends or online content on social media. Take the test and learn what FOMO is.

Sharing Location Photos Jun23

Sharing Location Photos

Even more people are willing to publish their location status by tagging photos taken on-the-go. Here you will find basic demographical segmentation of this group.

Social Oversharing and Security

Have you ever wondered if we are overdoing it with social sharing? Security issues might come up when you thoughtlessly update your status. After all, oversharing is strongly related with emotional disorders.
Keep some things private and know if you are suffering from FOMO – the social media syndrom of our days.