Top Adult Performer Stats

What makes the best male and female adult performer? The annual AVN awards (Adult Video Network) highlight the top adult performers of the year among the industry’s best. This infographic profiles the perfect perfomer according to patterns formed by winners’ characteristics. Jessica Alba and Christian Bale are the celebrities with the closest match to this extract.

James Bond Love Life

It’s been 50 years since the first James Bond movie and with Skyfall being the 23rd sequel, it’s time we recall the love and sex life of the most dashing and charming agent in film history.

Good Sex Helps Career

See why having a healthy sex life makes a connection to your professional life and may help you ease the pitfalls and stress in your career.

Strange Sex Laws

This is really weird. A unique experience about how different cultures conceptualize sexual relationships.

Interesting Facts About Sex

The things you think but you never say, the things you wonder but you never get answers. Who has ever escaped from sexual thoughts?