Christmas Traditions Around the World

Learn about the etiquette and traditions of the Christmas season that people from around the world love to keep up. Read about outstanding Christmas habits from Sweden, Venezuela, UK, Japan, Finland, Spain and many more.

Santa Claus Origins

In 280 a.d. Saint Nicholas was considered the equivalent of Santa Claus, in 1600s Kris Kringle showed up and right after Father Christmas. See how Santa Claus tradition evolved through centuries and what was the role of Coca Cola company in the formation of the modern “Gift Giver”

Christmas Rumors

We know Christmas is all about magic and spirit. But aren’t you itching for reading some rumors around paradoxs and things that we’ve been taking for granted so far?

Santa Claus Travel Statistics

A quirky and fascinating look into the surprising statistics surrounding Santa Claus annual travel around the globe to deliver all of his presents. Likely the fastest courier service in the world!