Social Sharing Button Playground

Social traffic is a hard game with many options. See here a quick evaluation of the most popular social sharing platforms that can help you strategize your marketing channel mix.

Social Media Demographics

Steadily increasing usage worldwide shows remarkable figures about social media demographics.

Become Popular Reddit

Marketing guide for glory and fame on Reddit. Holding an Alexa rank among the first 200 and attracting witty and internet savvy members mostly from US, Reddit is a hive with much promising exposure potential as long as you know how to list on the front page.

Social Battle Of The Sexes

The way we interact with the existing and new social media channels differs greatly between men and women. In 5 “fighting” rounds you will learn about the numbers behind the social habits of the sexes and the final knock out.

Social Media Gender Split 2012

Ok Pinterest is extremely popular to women – we know it. But what’s the pie split among the other social media networks? Social bookmarking sites aren’t women’s preference.

Social Media Leaders 2012

The inexorable battle of the social domination. And the oscar goew to….