Google Penguin Aftermath

About one and a half year ago, Google rolled out the first of a series of ranking algorithm updates under the code name “Penguin”. Dread and rush dominated the interwebs. Since then a lot have changed in the SERP ranking arena.

Periodic Table of SEO Success

This is an update to the primary SEO table originally compiled by Search Engine Land, that became a world reference for seo community as it encapsulates the core of search engine optimization concept. Major changes refer to factors such as duplicate content, structured data, authorship integration, weight of links’ anchor text and social signals.

Local SEO Youtube

Local SEO takes precedence especially for businesses or professionals that want to reach prospects and create inroads of customers from the local market to their physical POS. Among the various tricks or techniques going around, YouTube is a strong SEO tool that marketers should not overlook. Learn how to do it in 8 simple steps.

Real Estate Local Search

This infographic explains the importance of local SEO optimization for independent real estate agents who see their website ranking elsewhere than the 1st page of search results due to big brand domination.

SEO Friendly Blog Tips

Blog owner or blog dreamer? Find 15 basic tips that will make your blog skyrocket to the top of search rankings.

Killing Your Ranking...

Avoid tactics that promise results but actually kill your rankings. Black hat is considered unethical – try other shades :-).

The Periodic Table Of Seo Ranking Factors

Search engine optimization seems like alchemy to the new bees. Here is a helpful table of basic SEO ranking factors both on site and off site.

Seo & Search Personalization

If you are evaluating your seo efforts, Google’s search personalization may bias your tests. See some of the basic search parameters you can play around to track your rankings as seen by real Google users.

Link Building for Dummies

Not all links are equally valuable for your website. Answer the following questions and flow down the pipes to see how external links may help your site’s performance. Leave the tap open!

Google Panda Update History

The “cute” creature that rules the web is coming after you – now with its fellow Penguin. Watch out before getting a hard hit!

Seo Industry Is Big

10 distinctive facts that justify the seo buzz around the world.

White Black or Gray Hat Seo

Choose your hat and start ranking! A collective quick guide to SEO’s basic terminology.

Latest Seo Methods

Things have drastically changed in SEO lately. FInd here guidelines for the most updated methods that will secure your rankings and protect you from over-optimization. Rush to catch up with the next penguin crawl.

Google Search Query Behind Jun21

Google Search Query Behind

The Journey of a search query begins long before you even start typing on Google engine. Learn here what’s the route of the light speed results you get.

An Easy Guide To Seo

1-2-3 Go! Reading this will not make you a SEO guru but it’s starting point if you belong to the dummies. Learn also about the 5 basic seo crimes aka black hat technics.