Color Psychology

Here you can find which are the most suitabe colors for your home, color choices for branding purposes as well as psychological corelations.

Google And Memory Dec17

Google And Memory

Google is changing the way we think, memorize and remember things. Find out how routine online activities impact our brain.

Social Commerce Psychology

Social commerce helps shoppers make smart purchases according to 6 common rules defined by psychology science.

The Complex Shopper Oct29

The Complex Shopper

Four profiles that clarify the complex shopper and reveal his motivations and interacitons on his way to buying.

Customer Loyalty Oct27

Customer Loyalty

How impotant is customer loylalty and what is the contribution of customer service to this achievement?

The Psychology Of Color Oct24

The Psychology Of Color

Colors influence our reactions and psychology. Here are the fundametals when it comes to design for marketing purposes.

How To Be Happy

A primer on getting and staying happy. Figures tied up with smart and practical hints to help you keep dourness out of your day routine and start making your life over on your own.

Digital Technology Stress

Have you ever thought the underlying effects of your high-tech gadgets on your psychology? 6 out of 10 people find technology stressful. Read the full review.

Social Media Insecurity

Are you a FOMO sufferer? Do you feel insecurity whenever you’re missing friends’updates, trends or online content on social media. Take the test and learn what FOMO is.

Social Oversharing and Security

Have you ever wondered if we are overdoing it with social sharing? Security issues might come up when you thoughtlessly update your status. After all, oversharing is strongly related with emotional disorders.
Keep some things private and know if you are suffering from FOMO – the social media syndrom of our days.

Pregnancy And Depression Jun21

Pregnancy And Depression

About 1 in 3 women report depression symptoms in post natal period. Pampering might help a mother to recover according to this poll.