How to Stay Warm in Winter

You don’t have to be cold this winter. Find out how you can stay warm and what are the risks of exposing yourself to severe cold conditions.

Global Infant Mortality Rate Facts

It’s distressing to see new life perishing due to inadequate or ineffective health system. This graphic presents the naked truth about infant mortality worldwide.

Indoor Air Pollution Facts

Reportedly 1 death per 8 seconds is attributed to indoor air pollution due to primitive cooking and heating methods mostly found in developing countries and poorest populations. People from aim to rise awareness about this situation that affects almost 50% of the global population with this highly creative motion and static infographic .

Leading Causes Of Death In The US Aug17

Leading Causes Of Death In The US

Influenza and pneumonia were world’s most disastrous diseases in the past. What are today’s most frequent fatal diseases? See an interesting timeline graph.


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