All About Facelifts Sep25

All About Facelifts

Find all the answers to common questions about facelift procedure (also known as rhytidectomy) such as recovery time, cost, satisfaction rates, top age group and other interesting statistics straight from the expert.

Eternal Beauty

Find some useful tips on the various options that medical aeshtetics and plastic surgery offer to fix body or face imperfections and maintain skin radiance and texture at any age. Science does miracles, but it’s not meant you overdo it.

Beauty Vs Happiness Sep05

Beauty Vs Happiness

Does being or remain beautiful secure the golden path to happiness? Does investing time and money in cosmetic treatments payoff with success or satisfaction in one’s life. Read this before visiting a plastic surgeon.

More Sex After Breast Augmentation For Women May31

More Sex After Breast Augmentation For Women

According to this survey various types of plastic surgery affect womens sexual satisfaction. Does this conclude to “the more the merrier”?