Winter Olympics History

5 months left for Winter Olympics 2014. Seven sports, 1300 medals and three mascots are just some numbers of the next games taking place in Sochi of Russia. Have a look back at some quirky facts from Winter Olympics history.

Olympics 2012 Hotels

It’s the Hotels final sprint. How did they score in 5 major visitor experience criteria during the London Olympiad? A survey based on 600+ reviews and 3697+ raised sentiments.

The Impact Of Olympics

What are the resources needed to run a super Olympiad? What are the critical points and the extent of activity that should be considered by the hosting country on managing such a glorious event? Read the numbers that refer to 4 latest Olympic games.

Most Sponsorable Olympians

SponsorHub attempts to rank the Olympians according to their commercial value for brands. That means that they measure their social influence together with their records to give out the classic top 3. See who wins.

Online media and Olympics

Here is illustrated the social activity and mobile usage boom comparing statistics of 2 olympiad periods, one of Beijing 2008 and the present London 2012

Olympic Sports Evolution

The start and finish of the olympic sports throughout the history of the games on a simple timeline. Some have a long living while some others happened just for one olympiad.

History of olympic medals

The medals have been given to athletes as prizes to since the first modern Olympiad in Greece in 1896. Every host country changes the design and dimensions of the symbolic discs. With this interactive infographic you can explore the evolution of the medals over years.