UK Festival Highlights

Go Outdoors have compiled this infographic giving us a snap shot of the biggest music festivals in the UK, as well as a timeline on how it all started. Have a look at capacity, attendance and installation statistics nicely blended with interesting facts and highlights.

UK Festivals 2013

Summer is on and festival goers already feel the beat under their feet rumbling. With more than 500 music festivals scheduled in 2013 across UK and Ireland, chances are that you will find one or more to enter the party. See 5 from the big and the smaller ones as a starter and check if you have the basics to rock easy.

Music Festival Expenses

Being at the start of the new season for the most popular music festivals, this fancy infographic budgets the real cost of attending your favorite event. Are you gonna go deep in your pocket or start thinking cutbacks?

Music Festival Outlook

With the music festival season well underway, it’s the right time to see some of the biggest music festivals, the trends in attendance, a brief of festivals’ history and the profile of a typical festival goer. Find also info about contingencies happened during festivals.

Music Festivals Past and Present

See how technology has changed the way spectators interact and express themselves while being part of big music events.

Top Music Festivals in the World

Coachella festival is out and loud with the first of the 2 weekend fun time being history. It’s the second most popular annual music festival in America after Summerfest. Let’s see 10 more of the largest music festivals around the world ranked by overall attendance.

SXSW Timeline

South by SouthWest (SXSW) started in 1987 as a music festival with just 700 regitrants. Not before the mid 90s it hosted 3 thematic events running together. Now it’s evolved to the biggest tech party of the world.

American Neighborhood Festivals

Neighborhood nusic festivals are more than fun. They largely contribute to the local economy and community. Have a look at the best music festivals happening accross the US and get an idea of their impact on the local economic development.