Time Saving Tips

“Wrick” on this short and nifty illustration suggests 7 time-saving tips to help workaholics get off of the busy weekends.

Productivity Influencers

When it comes to the field of productivity, there are a lot of visionary entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators who are influential in their own ways. Let’s take a glimpse on who the productivity influencers are of today. State of the art creativity with really fantastic caricatures.

Social Media Disruption

This study examines the total hour workers spent on interuptions caused by social media and email reading interference during a workday. Remember that multitasking yields just for 2% of the general population according to recent studies.

Small Business Time Management

It’s a matter of time. Running a small business usually makes you wish a 48 hour day to catch up on all the pendencies. Role playing during workday is another pitfall that lurks productivity. This report examines the current situation in SB context as far time management and suggests some useful survivor tips for the saddled owners.

Multitasking Risks

An interesting report from Onlinecollege.org that adds up the notion that multitasking is not equivalent to productivity.

Digital Stress And The Brain

We are gonna burn our brains! Most of us are multitasking due to the tight schedule and the technology boom. This report denotes that taking to the limit stresses our mental health.