Movies About Sports Betting

The sports betting and movies industries have been linked together for decades. From films like “Eight Men” out that premiered in 1983, to a modern day flicks like “Lay The Favorite” that debuted in 2012, sports betting movies help online sports bettors live their dreams vicariously through movies.

The Zombie Industry

They are sloppy, slow and a bit scary, but we still like them. We are talking about zombies, of course and the industry around them. Get an idea of the dollars spent on zombie movies, books, games and events. It’s a zombie nation out there!

Journey to Middle Earth

Live the unique travel experience of visiting the scenic landscapes and sights where “Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed. Find your way around the Middle Earth using this handy travel guide.

Hollywood Motorcycles

Film makers love to use motorcycles in their movies, but some simply don’t do the two-wheeled motors justice. So which hollywood movies have featured memorable motorbikes, which would we rather forget?

Understanding Fight Club Movie

Fight Club is a movie that has captivated the interest of a wide audience with its critical view on capitalism and materialism. This nifty infographic debunks the philosophy behind the screen.

Despicable Me Characters

Dave, Stuart, Jerry, Jorge, Tim, Mark, Phil, Kevin, Bob and Jon. We love them and we like watching their adventures on the screen. These are the minions from the original Despicable Me movie and here you have the chance to learn more about their profile.

Hollywood Prequels

Do you find that sequels enhance and progress the basic story of movie series or they just replicate without justifying their release?
See some representative examples of Hollywood creativity or idea recycling history “hand-picked” by TexasElectricityProviders.

Hotel Hall of Fame

Hotels are frequently used as complementary or even basic scenery in various films by many directors. Bates Motel is a great example, used as the main setting for Hitchckock’s “Psycho” thriller masterpiece, while Beverly Wilshere got the “leading role” in “Pretty Woman”. See a selection of 10 famous hotels in cinema history.

Must See Movies of All Time

An inspired simulation of tube map with station names taken from the most meaningful films in cinema history. 16 coloured lines depict the various film categories and form a metro grid that stands as your show map. Pick a line, get on and enjoy.

Oscars 2013 on Facebook

Oscars lights are off now but it would be interesting to see the films and artists that moved facebook users and created the most social buzz before the ceremony opening.

Oscars History

With the memories of Oscars 2013 being still fresh, likely you’d like to see an overview of wins and nomination statistics from the long-standing history of the most popular film contest.

Gays at the Oscars

Seemingly Hollywood is gradually getting emancipated from the homo stereotypes as from 2003 several films with gay or lesbian characters have made it to the top of the ladder. See which gay themed best pictures and gay characters ranked high in Oscars, Globes, PGA and SAG both as winners or nominees.

Tarantino Blood Toll

See an overview of the death occurances and blood spillage from Quentin Tarantino’s filmography.

The Girls Of Bond

The seductive companions of the world famous agent James Bond through history. Beauty never fades!

Bond Cars Gadgets released this slicky and perfectly fitted to the Bond spirit illustration to give us the highlights of top line technology used in the history of famous agent’s cars.

James Bond Values

A retrospective of the economics yielded from the James Bond culture throughout 50 years of action movies as well as some cost highlights of iconic Bond accessories

DC vs Marvel Superheroes

The eternal battle of the two titan superhero comic companies. See how their superhero movies have performed in US Box-Office through the last 5 decades.

Star Wars Vs Star Trek

Phaser or Lightsaber? Which one do you side with? A technological comparison between the two space kingdoms in an effort to resolve the superiority debate.

Lawless Handguns

There’s a bullet in your gun! The Lawless roughneck’s best friends.

Batman Suit History Jul20

Batman Suit History

We love Batman and all the Bat-Culture. Enjoy the illustrations of the bat-suit and its variations through time since May 1939.