Mobile Seperation Aug13

Mobile Seperation

1 in 10 Americans would rather leave home without pants than their smartphone. Read some interesting facts as far our addiction to routine habits.

Fear and Love About Byod Aug03

Fear and Love About Byod

Are you familiar with BYOD that stands for “Bring Your Own Device”? It’s a trend having fans and haters as most of new things happening. Read some statistics of reasoning for both sides.

Evolution Of The Mobile Phone Aug03

Evolution Of The Mobile Phone

The first idea came as a “shoe phone” and it was in the late 60’s that Star Trek Communicator – as a more realistic conception – drived Martin Cooper to invent the first mobile phone. But what happened in between?

Olympics Mobile

Read about interesting facts related to mobile technology utilization through the Olympics’ history. Even in the BC ages pigeons were a form of mobile communication.

Mobile Usage While Travelling

Mobile device usage is on the rise even while on the road with the majority of users love sharing and documenting their travel experience. Tripl has published its commercial report showing statistics o travelers’ activity through their devices.

Narrowcast Vs Broadcast

Is bigger always better? This report suggests mobile marketing as the most preferable choice in terms of true audience reach and argues based on the following facts.

Cellular Etiquette Jul16

Cellular Etiquette

Where are you mobile manners? This report denotes our cell phone addiciton – especially among youngs – and the combined mobile overdoing, arising awareness about rude behaviour and medium abusement.

Online Ordering Tren...

This report examines the trends in the online and mobile restaurant arena and what they mean for today’s food service industry.

Online media and Olympics

Here is illustrated the social activity and mobile usage boom comparing statistics of 2 olympiad periods, one of Beijing 2008 and the present London 2012

Smartphone Damages Jul07

Smartphone Damages

We love them, we are connected with them. But it happens one day to get separated. Lost, stolen or damaged we hate mourning for our smartphone and we are ready to go far for their good. You are not the only one.

Small Businesses & Mobile Technology Jul05

Small Businesses & Mobile Technology

Recent trends reveal that small businesses are using mobile technology more than ever to save time and increase productivity. Technology is your savior!

Texting While Driving Jul04

Texting While Driving

Teens and adults are texting or talking behind the wheel. 5 seconds of distractive driving are enough to cause a crash. See the facts.

Email In Motion

Ok ok ok, you know a lot about email marketing and you realize its power. Do you know the trends about inbox on the go? Do you know how many of your subscribers are strictly mobile openers? Do you optimize your mails for mobile devices? Enough – click and learn about the email revolution!

College students love mobiles Jul04

College students love mobiles

A deep breakdown of the students’ mobile habits. They are never far from their smartphones, they cannot separate from them – mobiles are their hands’ second nature.

Android And Jelly Be...

Jelly Bean is the code name for the expected Android upgrade in July 2012. Google likes go crazy but Karl took it to the edge by illustrating a comparison between facts of true jelly beans and the digital one.

Mobile Phones Usage Jul01

Mobile Phones Usage

New behavioral patterns emerge as we enter the post PC Era. This report shows the trends in mobiles’ usage considering local and cultural differences.

Cell phone Networks Jammed

An experiment that took place at fenway Park proves that network traffic jams happen despite the aparent signal strength displayed and affect the quality of phone services.

Consumers susceptible to Mobile Marketing

People are getting more and more familiar with new mobile technologies and are ready and open to calls for action if they feel trust for a brand. Mobile channels are a top priority opportunity for online marketers. See the state of present and future mobile usage among users together with some behavioral analysis.

Global Voip Revolution

Impressive illustration of the global communication history and revolution since it’s infancy and Graham Bell’s first succesfull sound transmission.

Html5 Evolution

Here is the timeline of the HTML technology and an overview of key features and implementation efficiency.