Living with Google

Could you stand a life without Google? Obviously the intertnet giant has slipped into various aspects of our online activity with its numerous verticals. Some voices allege that the Google empire debilitates our mental abilities. Read the reasoning and the opposings.

Google And Memory Dec17

Google And Memory

Google is changing the way we think, memorize and remember things. Find out how routine online activities impact our brain.

Super Smart Babies

Peekabooooooo. Can you recognize the signs of a smart baby? Is that exclusively upon genetics and natural selection or are there opportunities for parents to comfort brain development? You can learn more on the following report by Teacher Portal.

Humans vs Computers Race

If computers are compared to humans, how long human’s have before our laptops rule the world? The Humans vs Computers itslef shows today’s picture.

Memory Retention

Are you striving more and more to recall knowledge and facts? Memory is a complicated issue and you should consider the scientific justification named “Forgetting Curve”.

Digital Stress And The Brain

We are gonna burn our brains! Most of us are multitasking due to the tight schedule and the technology boom. This report denotes that taking to the limit stresses our mental health.