Space Logistics

Either for the various space missions of the present or for conquest of inhabiting the most “human-friendly” planet in the future, delivering materials or transporting people to and from space is not an easy job. See the economics behind space supply chain management and the job opportunities that emerge.

Chocolate of the World

Do you dare to think a world without chocolate? 284.000 children who are working on cacao farms might have already dreamed that. Taste the sweet and bitter side of chocolate production and consumption.

Space Shuttle Mileage Feb05

Space Shuttle Mileage

Have a look at the distances covered so far by the various space shuttles during expeditions on the Moon and Mars.

Expedition Mars History Jul17

Expedition Mars History

Earth calls Mars! O’er. There have been numerous efforts since the 60’s to land, explore or orbit the red planet but half of them were successful. See the story of the most extreme space challenge.

Bright Planets in Summer Jul07

Bright Planets in Summer

It’s the space summer. Buy a telescope and start observing the unknown. See the hot dates.