Return On Employee Investment

Technology investments are cool. But what about the soul of your business? Integrated human resource strategy is the most imporant asset for results.

How To Start A Business

Do you belong to the freshiest, restless generation? Do you think you have a fabulous idea for a startup? Follow these 7 basic steps.

Women in Technology

Technology needs more women! And it’s getting good. According to this report by sweet girls are striding in the tech landscape punching the traditionaly male-dominated industry.

What is Credit Administration Oct04

What is Credit Administration

You are under control! Don’t freak out. Credit Administration can help you maintain your operations while recovering from the downturn. Moreover businesses are avoiding further legal action. Read the full documentation.

Manage low employee morale

If you’ve noticed a decline in employee enthusiasm, it’s likely due to low morale and it’s more serious than simple mood swings. This guide suggests on-the-job training as the easiest way to lift the workplace spirit and revive to your glory days.

Female Leaders Of The Fortune 500

Is it still harder for women to attain professional power? Women can be great leaders and this report testifies the rise of female executives. See the 18 CEO women who heading Fortune 500 companies. However, discriminations are right on the next corner as far their earnings compared with men ceos.

HR block social media

HR managers should likely reconsider their in-house social media policy and realize that they might narrow business potentials. See it from a new angle – it’s not as bad as you think.

Buying Business Software Jun09

Buying Business Soft...

The road to buying business software is tough and risky. Follow this 7 stop roadmap and you might leave the hassle behind.

Boost Your Productivity at work

If you wonder how to pump some energy to get back on the working field, these tips might be useful for you.

The Cost Of Hiring

How do you minimize the hassle, time and cost of hiring and still ensure you are choosing the right person?

Is Your Bad Boss Killing You?

Find your boss profile and deal with management incompetence before ending up in the emergency room!