London Confidential

Curious about the past? Here are some untold stories and facts about London’s history and popular attractions that you will love to know and show off your friends.

London Sites History

A look at the changing London skyline with interactive timeline bar from 1805 to 2018 that shows the past, present, and future of popular London buildings and constructions. Here you see the static version. Click the publisher’s link on the left to reach the interactive version.

New Home Exploration

Moving out our old home we regularly know what we leave behind and what we get. Moving in a new home might end up to a surprising experience however. See what Britons came upon across the UK dominion when they rummaged their new base after moving out.

London City Facts Feb22

London City Facts

Contrary to what is believed, London is not the most soaked European city. Read on to discover more info-tids about the London cityscape.

London Fashion Week Highlights

See the top 8 appearences of you favourite fasionistas showing off on the first row of the London Fashion Week show.

History of olympic medals

The medals have been given to athletes as prizes to since the first modern Olympiad in Greece in 1896. Every host country changes the design and dimensions of the symbolic discs. With this interactive infographic you can explore the evolution of the medals over years.

Facebook most social cities

People everywhere use Facebook to check in to places. Here you can see the 5 top hotspots of the most “social”cities.

50 abolished Olympic Events

From experimentation and innovation to the spectacular sport fiesta. Learn about 50 olympic events that have been taken out the olympic frame since the official start in Athens 1896.