Gays at the Oscars

Seemingly Hollywood is gradually getting emancipated from the homo stereotypes as from 2003 several films with gay or lesbian characters have made it to the top of the ladder. See which gay themed best pictures and gay characters ranked high in Oscars, Globes, PGA and SAG both as winners or nominees.

Gay Lifestyle Facts

Gay men and Lesbians are evidently passionate consumers.They enjoy indulging themselves with luxuries while their habits and taste frequently deviate from the ones of their straigth counterparts. But how do the two “worlds” compare in drinkng, eating and nightlife attitudes?

Marriage Equality in the US Jul12

Marriage Equality in...

It’s the first time in history that same sex marriage has raised such interest and support in the US. Obama’s disruptive view may contribute to progressive changes in American society. See the statistics.

Lgbt Youth Homelessness Jul03

Lgbt Youth Homelessness

Homelesness is major social cause and responsibility. Furthemore, there’s a fast growing and disproportional LGBT homeless body compared to the general population rate. Solutions might be options that we cannot see…

Pride Parades Around The World Jun27

Pride Parades Around The World

This is in honor of pride month. Some history of the gay-pride parades and the present state of the homosexuality embracement around the world. Interesting to see the world’s split on this viewpoint.

Same Sex Marriage Ba...

This research demonstrates the financial impact on gay couples and state due to sexual discrimination. Gay couples have to pay more to share the same roof. We are all people!