Google Penguin Aftermath

About one and a half year ago, Google rolled out the first of a series of ranking algorithm updates under the code name “Penguin”. Dread and rush dominated the interwebs. Since then a lot have changed in the SERP ranking arena.

Google Search Vs Graph Search Jan24

Google Search Vs Graph Search

it’s out and ready to serve you. Facebook rolled out its “much” expected Graph Search service in an effort to stab Google search majesty. The battle begins and here you will find 4 conceptual differences as denoted by

Google: Behind The Numbers Jan24

Google: Behind The Numbers

Google the Queen of the chessboard. Google’s revenue outnumber the GDP total of the 28 poorest countries. Here are the magic numbers.

PPC vs SEO Performance

An indepth analysis from wordstream comparing the performance and suitability of the two major search engine marketing tactics under 2 different marketing scopes. Start fishing customers!

Get PHD in Googling

After this googling tips slide series you will reasonably boast for being the super search Google Guru.