Smartphone Users Profile

The majority of smartphone users are devoted to their devices feeling anxiety being even on meter far from them. But what are their traits, their habits, their attitude? Hot stuff for online marketers.

iPhone Evolution Sep13

iPhone Evolution

Will iPhone 5 make it as big as it is expected? A look back in the iPhone short history may help our thoughts and speculations.

Rumours on iPhone 5 Aug28

Rumours on iPhone 5

5 different and popular tech world sites declare their expectations and predictions on the tick of new Apple star coming.

iphone Photojournalism Aug09

iphone Photojournalism

Smartphones and social networks boom have caused a radical change in the way news are delivered and circulate posing traditional journalism to a new challenge. “Citizen or Social journalism” seems to be the rising force in newscasting.

Tech World Turnover

It seems that many people are growing weary of existing formats. From smartphones to social networks, the tech world is in need of some change. Read about some subversive facts for the future state of the tech world starting from the fall of Facebook.

Evolution Of The Mobile Phone Aug03

Evolution Of The Mobile Phone

The first idea came as a “shoe phone” and it was in the late 60’s that Star Trek Communicator – as a more realistic conception – drived Martin Cooper to invent the first mobile phone. But what happened in between?

Apple By The Numbers Jul27

Apple By The Numbers

Self explanatory. The economy behind the fast growing Apple. Let the dollars flash before your eyes!

Olympics Mobile

Read about interesting facts related to mobile technology utilization through the Olympics’ history. Even in the BC ages pigeons were a form of mobile communication.

Smartphone Damages Jul07

Smartphone Damages

We love them, we are connected with them. But it happens one day to get separated. Lost, stolen or damaged we hate mourning for our smartphone and we are ready to go far for their good. You are not the only one.

Html5 For Marketers

HTML5 has come for good. If technicalities are not your favorite, reading this sheet you’ll get a quick look over the combined benefits for marketing.

The Iphone Success Story Jul04

The Iphone Success Story

i Phone has made Apple what is today. Consider that 5 years of product life yielded more revenue than 10 years total Apple activity. Read the story by numbers.

Consumers susceptible to Mobile Marketing

People are getting more and more familiar with new mobile technologies and are ready and open to calls for action if they feel trust for a brand. Mobile channels are a top priority opportunity for online marketers. See the state of present and future mobile usage among users together with some behavioral analysis.

S voice vs Siri

The digital voice assistants “packed” with Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone are struggling for performance excellence though they are both backed Wolfram Alpha Database. See the benchmarking comparisons ?nd which one hits the finish line.

Global Voip Revolution

Impressive illustration of the global communication history and revolution since it’s infancy and Graham Bell’s first succesfull sound transmission.

Behind Apple’s i-Products Jun22

Behind Apple’s i-Products

Apple is the front label – but technological breakthrough necessitates strategical collaboration. i-products enclose the brainpower of various leading tech companies

Enterprise Mobility 2012 Jun12

Enterprise Mobility ...

This report takes a deep dive in the past, present and future of mobile industry. You will find strategical forecasts, expenditure schemes, technological trends, market analysis etc.

iOS App Design Guide

A best practice iOS app design guide that will bring designers and developers to peace.

Nokia Lumia Vs Iphone 4s Jun05

Nokia Lumia Vs Iphone 4s

Are you a Nokia or Iphone fan? Whatever here you will find surprising comparison facts about the components’ cost and the profit margin. Pay and obey it’s all about branding.

Mobile Payments, Com...

See here how mobile devices have altered the way we do shopping and the way we pay. Did you see my wallet?

How Mobile Apps Are Invading Your Privacy

You are through with the social privacy settings but are you aware how the story goes wih mobile apps?