Marketing on Halloween 2013

In the Halloween spirit, people from AddThis – the giant in social media engagement integration – share with us some useful treats about how marketers can improve their fan reach by tapping into the Halloween buzz.

Iconic Halloween Costumes

Twerkin’ Teddy is deemed the most popular costume for this year Halloween. But how about looking back in 1983 and the Princess Leia dress-up? See some of the most iconic costumes from 30 years of Halloween history.

Halloween Spending 2013

$330 Million Dollars on pet costumes? And an overall $7 Billion spending on Halloween? Are Americans abstaining from splurging?

Halloween Costumes History

From the first symbolic costumes of the 19th century like Demon, Angel, Ghost, Devil or Witch to today themed inspirations, halloween costumes have their own history.

Halloween Safety

Reportedly crime rate during Halloween night rises 50% more than any other night in some major cities in USA. Parents should be aware of the dangers lurking.

Halloween Habits and Statistics 2013

A compilation of market trends, habits and statistics of the Halloween etiquette with some historical highlights.

Halloween Personas

Boys, Girls, Men or Women find the perfect Halloween persona to impress or scare and kick off.

Classic Halloween Costumes

Regardless of the numerous new Halloween costumes that pop up every year, there will always be some classic selections that have their roots in popular figures or trends of the past. Have a glimpse in 500 years of Halloween cultural inspiration.

Favorite Halloween Costumes

If you are still in last minute search for the perfect Halloween disguise then this graph may inspire you. See the most favorite costume selections from the pop culture from 2007 to 2011 showcased by

Halloween Economics

A breakdown of Americans’ spending on Halloween candy and costumes from 2003 to 2012 with an estimation of $8 Billion total expenditure.

Halloween Witchful Spending

See how Americans plan to celebrate Halloween this year according to the latest National Retail Federation survey.

Halloween Economics

Halloween is around the corner and as Americans like spending a fortune on adornments, costumes and candies, it’s good to see the industry behind the celebration. Happpy Halloween. Bhhhahaaaaa.